About Us

We Are Aspire Brands

Aspire Brands was conceived when David Thomson and Vincent Chan, two Directors of Singapore based Aspire Global Consulting who both had a wealth of operational know-how in Sports and Fashion realized that there was a need for a world-class growth partner for premium brands that had aspirations to build a sustainable business presence in Asia.

Both had worked successfully for over two decades building brands in Asia and latterly consulting for international sports and fashion brands on their respective Asia growth strategies.

During their consultations, both realized there were limited options for brands to work with partners who not only understood the diverse and complex nature across Asia markets and also had a deep understanding of what sustainable and quality growth looked like.

As a result, Aspire Brands was created with a very clear objective:

To bring aspiring, premium brands of true quality and distinction to new Asian consumers on a sustainable platform.

Our Leadership Team

David Thomson

Chief Excecutive Officer & Co-Founder

David has built successful businesses for some of the world’s most iconic brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Crocs and 2XU as well as partnered up with leading PE firms on high profile projects.
david long
Some of David’s milestones of the past 20 years include his leading the start-up of operations for Nike in the Russia market; establishing a newly created Emerging Markets business division for Tommy Hilfiger as well as leading the Crocs business turnaround project for its International division. David was also CEO of the 2XU brand, engineering it’s global growth strategy and brand renaissance.

David has a deep understanding of building efficient and sustainable businesses through a variety of models and channels in fast changing environments.

Prior to embarking on his commercial career, David had a successful career in the military serving as a Royal Marines Commando where he first learned his craft in leadership and management.
David is also a certified Transformative Coach and retains a network of senior executives for whom he provides coaching.

Vincent Chan

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Vincent co-founded Aspire Brands with the single purpose of partnering with committed brand owners who want to bring their brand’s energy, expertise and passion to new consumers throughout the Asia region.

With more than 15 years of continuous achievement in senior leadership roles spanning across the Sports and Fashion industries, Vincent has accumulated and developed an enviable wealth of knowledge in forging successful distributor and franchise business agreements.

Vincent specializes in strategic business planning, market entry execution, business expansion and turnaround operations as well as building brands through distributor partnerships.

Our Credos

Credo (‘kri-dəʊ, ‘kreɪ-) —n, pl-dos
a formal statement of beliefs, principles, or opinions, from Latin literally: I believe.
At the time Aspire Brands was conceived we put together nine credos that were important to who we are and what we wanted to stand for.

To serve as our constant guiding values and principles as we build our business partnerships.
1. We are committed to quality over quantity.

2. We make decisions that are sustainable.

3. The Consumer decides.

4. The Brand is King.

5. Agility is a competitive advantage.

6. Ethics and transparency are non-negotiable.

7. We are a people business – we play as a team.

8. Delivering on the promise defines us .

9. We embrace change as a constant.