Craft launches groundbreaking protective
Team Sunweb jersey for Tour de France 2020

Sportswear brand Craft launches a unique protective race jersey for this year’s Tour de France. The groundbreaking jersey is developed together with Craft partners DSM and Team Sunweb, resulting in an innovative garment that offers cyclists abrasion resistance at speeds up to 60 km/h – reducing the risk of injuries and maximizing the chance for success.

A crash in the early stages of a 3-week cycling race such as Tour de France can be devastating, not only in terms of pain and injury but also regarding power conservation. The healing process for a deep scratch on the shoulder or leg, for example, will mercilessly drain the body of crucial energy, potentially ruining the rider’s chances for a top position in the general classification.

In order to reduce the risk of these common cycling injuries and to maximize the chance for success, Craft and its partners DSM and Team Sunweb have created the Team Sunweb Armor Aerolight Jersey. This highly innovative jersey features the anti-abrasion Dyneema® fiber on the shoulders and back to reduce the risk of painful and energy-consuming abrasion wounds. The Dyneema® fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, thus preventing the fabric from complete rupturing at crash impact.

When combined with Armor Superlight Mesh Baselayer – the protective baselayer that Craft launched in 2019 – the new jersey offers 100% protection against abrasions during crashes in speeds up to 60km/h.

A complete protective outfit

A few years ago, Craft launched the Armor Bib Shorts in collaboration with DSM and Team Sunweb. The bib shorts feature the strong Dyneema® fiber on the side panels for optimal protection and performance. The launch of the new Armor Aerolight Jersey means that the Team Sunweb riders now enjoy a complete outfit of protective race garments.

The new jersey will be worn for the first time by Team Sunweb in this year’s Tour de France.

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