Craft launches CTM Ultra Carbon – a new standard in ultra-distance running

Swedish sportswear brand Craft launches CTM Ultra Carbon, a new ultra innovative running shoe with excellent durability and grip for various surfaces – destined to break new ground and set new personal records across the world. The shoe has been developed together with world-renowned ultra-runner Tommy Rivs.
“CTM Ultra Carbon is a premium running shoe designed for athletes who demand nothing but the best, ”says Craft’s Product & Marketing Director Daniel Högling.“After having spent the last years in the lab, obsessing over beyond-maximum energy return and the fastest and most aggressive heel-to-toe drop, I am proud to say that we have finally gained the minutes and seconds as well as the durability and versatility we were looking for. Whether you are training for a marathon or competing at extreme distances, this is your shoe.”

CTM Ultra Carbon has been developed together with marathon and ultra-runner Tommy Rivs and combines hyper-lightweight Vault Foam™ with a tuned carbon plate to provide ultimate efficiency and energy return. It also comes with a full-contact rubber traction outsole for optimal durability and traction on various surfaces.

Ultra Carbon Plate™ for a unique trampoline effect
The shoe also features the highly innovative Ultra Carbon Plate™. Made of carefully sourced carbon fiber, this thin plate works almost like a trampoline, offering best-in-class energy return. In addition, the tuned carbon plate comes with a precision split, allowing the big toe to press independently on the medial side of the plate and the other toes on the lateral side–which creates torsion to provide ultra-rebound on varying surfaces and angles.

CTM Ultra Carbon will be available in stores at the end of January 2021.

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